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PIZZA + _____ = AWESOME!!!

March 30, 2007

I realized I haven’t really posted anything interesting about my San Francisco trip, so I will post this:

You know what they have there? INDIAN PIZZA!! It’s true! My wonderful friends took me to experience it myself!!


They have it at this place called Zante Pizza, and it is simply a pizza place/indian restaurant. And, uhm, putting indian ingredients and spices on pizza and throwing cheese on top turns out to be a really good idea. Which leaves me wondering… what else? What else would be good? Sushi pizza? No. Taco pizza? I think I actually have heard of such a thing. And come to think of it, I think this sushi place in Ann Arbor (totoro, on State Street) had something called sushi nachos on the menu, and it scared me. A lot. Did anyone out there ever dare to figure out what the hell that was?

Anyway, the point is, if you are ever in San Francisco, and in the Mission/Bernal Heights area, and you happen to want some awesomeness, go eat Indian Pizza. There. All taken care of.

the other side of the fence

March 27, 2007

hey! i just found a great new phrase: “of fence”

as in, to quote a commenter on a reality tv message board (that’s right, got a problem with that?): “you cannot control how people act. if their behavior is of fence to you stop watching.”

i love it!

hear me now, reader(s?) of this blog:


Yo, I’m back and I’m thinking LUNCH

March 26, 2007

Either there’s been a malfunction, or someone has not been carrying her blogging weight around here. What gives? Did you get a job or something, Squashi?

So, my new job starts soon, and given the whole 9-5+commute thing, I am getting nervous about how many hours there are in the day. And about what I am going to EAT. So I need to get organized.


I am trying to decide between the Mr. Bento by Zojirushi (or one of its variations), and the cute Laptop Lunches lunchbox. Each of them has an enthusiastic internet posse. Exhibit A: Mr. Bento Porn . Exhibit B: Vegan Lunchcast.

I love these wacky people and their practice of photographing and describing their lunches for the world to see. They inspire me to eat prettier, healthier food. And they make me wonder, am I the sort of person who could get really into posting pictures of my food on the internet? Stay tuned…

(Almost) Vegan Dinners I Made

March 13, 2007

AKA look at me, I am turning into an awesome hippie:

1. Buffalo Wings Seitan:

* cut seitan into chunks the appropriate (chicken nuggety) size & brown on all sides in a pan with a little oil

*melt some butter and mix an equal amount of tabasco sauce into the butter. Add some salt.

*throw the sauce in with the seitan and cook for a minute or so with the sauce

* eat with some kind of yogurty/cheesy/ranchy type sauce

2. Tofu & Sweet Potato Curry

*chop some onions and cook in oil until translucent

*chop peeled sweet potato into 1/2 in pieces, add to the pan

*add some red or green thai curry paste (1 -2 teaspoons, maybe?)

*add most or all of 1 can of coconut milk, and some cubed tofu

*simmer for a while

*add any vegetables you like (I added frozen peas and  broccoli and at the last moment, some sweet grape tomatoes)

*serve over rice or rice noodles.

3. Barbeque Tofu Sandwich

*slice tofu into large slabs

*slather with BBQ sauce

*put on a pan with some slice onions & stick under broiler for 5-10 minutes, turning once.

*eat on a bun or in a tortilla with guacamole or cheese or anything else.

Could you object to these little faces?

March 10, 2007


I went out dancing with X (alias chosen by him) last night. We had a drink beforehand, and discussed the following:


Jeanmeanie: You still haven’t met my cats! You need to meet them. Wait, do you even like cats?


X: I don’t object to cats…


shopping in america– first in a series

March 9, 2007

hangers, from “Untitled-Thrift” by Brian UlrichThis amazing photo essay really spoke to me. I hate to admit it because of my crunchy hippie/commie background, but I do an awful lot of my shopping at big chain stores these days. When we were starting out here in NYC I needed to supplement my aging wardrobe to make it work-ready. Also, our current apartment is more than twice as large as our last one, and we lost a lot of little things in our move (mainly because they wouldn’t fit in our car back from MI). Long story short: I had a lot of consuming to do in the past 6 months. For a while at the beginning, I went to Target around once a week, and most of my current shoe collection was collected at the vile DSW.* And even though they are “discount” or “resale” stores, my work-clothes-sources Filene’s Basement and TJ Maxx are definitely way closer to the evil end than the indie/homemade/anarchist end of the shopping spectrum.

*more about which some other time.

I usually justify my shopping choices by declaring that my massive student debt and middling wage forbid me from patronizing the little locally-owned boutiques in Brooklyn. (Another reason I avoid these places, one which i (WE) will doubtless blog about later, is that i feel decidedly unwelcome and unattractive at many of these boutiques because my pant size is well above the maximum hipster-approved 6.) Despite these rationalizations, I have a nagging inner voice of reason that informs me coldly about all the ultimately expensive externalities I am creating by patronizing places that encourage precisely the type of soulless, environmentally-collapsed, worker-unfriendly country I was raised to complain about bitterly.

The original solution to this angst was Craigslist– which worked really well for furniture and household goods and was relatively easy and fun to use. However, the business-casual clothing on CL leaves a lot to be desired; ebay is no better, so my solution of late has been thrift-store shopping. Thus far, I’ve gotten one suit, several sweaters and shirts, and a handful of forks. Is this really a solution? I felt just as wretched wandering the overstuffed and somewhat filthy isles of Beacon’s Closet and Salvation Army as I did trolling the Union Square Filene’s for ecologically disastrous yet obscenely cheap cashmere sweaters. These thrift stores are (as the essay accompanying the photos points out) really just as sickening a product of our time as the Atlantic Mall Target.

What to do? I really really love pretty stuff, though I also really love the ideal of hippie minimalist anti-consumerism and DIY. I am a ball of contradictions! I don’t really need more than 4 suits, but I am a lawyer! And we just had a 5-day trial, which required me to recycle my first suit on the fifth day, so maybe I actually need 5 suits! Not to mention, it takes about 3 shopping days and a lot of luck to find a decent suit at a thrift store, while there are racks and racks of them waiting to be bought in a short 30 minutes at Ann Taylor Loft.

Sigh. I probably would be a morally and environmentally good person if I wasn’t so preoccupied with all these endless internal debates.

Anyway, Brian Ulrich, the photographer, also has a blog. From a moment’s glance, he seems like the type of artist we’d all like to be.

(p.s. appropriately enough, Talking Heads’ awesome “(Nothing But) Flowers” came on the radio as I wrote this. Here’s to a greener post-apocalyptic hunter-gatherer culture!)

My Second-Favorite reality Show. Or maybe my favorite. Or maybe Third-favorite.

March 9, 2007

A Village Voice columnist covers the wrap party for The (white) Rapper Show , and reminds me how much I miss that show already.


 What we always wondered about in my house while watching that show was why they couldn’t find 10 better white rappers to be contestants on the show.  I mean, $100,000?

A friend at work suggests that legitimate/good white rappers would have assumed that they’d be setting themselves up to get mocked and degraded, as it was a reality show, and took a pass. Too bad, because I actually think that the show treated the contestants with a surprising amount of dignity.

Also it was awesome.

Meanwhile, at the Art Institute of Chicago…

March 9, 2007

posner.jpg   V.   lethem2.gif?!?!?!?!?!!?

i wish i had thought of this first

March 8, 2007

Ozma (and this guy) on the greatest love mystery of our time.

Yeah, that cat looks THRILLED to have a “vote Hillary” sticker on her ass

March 8, 2007

Did you know that Teddy Roosevelt’s pets included “a nameless one-legged rooster?”