Music & Lyrics: commentary track ON


 (edited to protect the innocent)

E: did you go see music & assme: yes  it was awesome E: and you loved it? me: because it was at court street (@ atlantic)7:43 PM E: yeah, i know that sketchy theater me: and there were all of 10 people in the audience [and we got there really early, to make sure we got seats– i love when that happens] me: and ALL of them were talking constantly over the movie– explaining to their friends what had just been said on screen, talking about what had happened to them earlier in the night, or just commenting on the action in the movie.  It was hilarious–some of the comments were quite insightful. (oO any other night, with any other movie, i would have minded a LOT but somehow the commentary track made this one much better.)7:44 PM Anyway, every time it got sappy, every time Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore kissed or flirted or sang one of their abysmally sugary songs, one lady next to us said (full voice):  “OHH NOOO!!!!! me: I really couldn’t tell whether she was being funny or serious– it sounded like she was saying “I can’t believe this SAPPY SHIT”  me: like she was genuinely surprised and disappointed that there was (gasp!) kissing in a romantic comedy. 
Anyway, the verdict is: if you MUST watch a comedy and the only other options are Norbit and Wild Hogs, Music & Lyrics is not punishingly bad (though i don’t think i would rate it quite as highly as the White Bear). Especially if you turn on the commentary track.

6 Responses to “Music & Lyrics: commentary track ON”

  1. A White Bear Says:

    I can’t say that I *liked* it, but I did think it was at least not as misogynistic as other romantic comedies. It’s nowhere on any actual scale of filmic enjoyability, I guess, but I set the bar low.

    I love the Court St. theater. When I saw Little Children there, a couple behind me announced everything that was happening. “And now they’re having an affair, wouldn’t you know.” “She’s going into the park where the pervert is!” “He’s never going to pass that bar exam.” But the best was, as the credits rolled and we all walked out, the man proclaimed, “They were ALL little children. They were ALL. Little. Children.” I bounced up and down with glee for half an hour, now having collected the most hilariously obvious post-movie summary of all time.

  2. jeanmeanie Says:

    A) I think you’re being a little unfair to the woman who was disappointed by the kissing. Maybe I am a moron, but based on the ads, and based on the fact that Hugh Grant could be Drew’s grampa, I retained a hope going into that movie that there would just be a friendship story, not a romance. Yes, I knew it was a valentines day movie. Yes, I guess I am in fact a moron.

    B) Best line ever at the movie theater: Nice old lady to sweet old man, as the credits roll after Pulp Fiction –
    “Now THAT was better than Natural Born Killers!”

  3. booksie Says:

    I couldn’t believe the romance either, not NEARLY as good as Drew and Jimmy in Fever Pitch. Also, did anyone else laugh with the random Brandeis sweatshirt? I can’t figure out why I found that funny but I guess you don’t see Brandeis in a lot of movies, I wonder what part of her character they were trying to represent.

  4. squashi Says:

    Oh, i agree with you, booksie (hi booksie!), about Fever Pitch. I hate to be an ageist, too, but Hugh Grant looked kinda… Old. Too old for Drew. It was creepy, especially when he gave her that “you’re grounded, young lady” line.

    But yeah, the brandeis shirt was funny. I don’t think we are meant to assume that she is jewish (that’s what i usually assume when i hear brandeis)– it stumped me. Probably where the writer or director went to school. The commentators behind me said, in that scene: “Oh wow, she looks a lot like a normal person here! That’s so cool! Look at how messed up her hair is!” Actually, i really appreciated throughout the movie how uncoiffed Drew looked. I appreciate a movie wherein the leading lady’s hair is doable without 3 hours of prep by 2 assistants.

    My favorite scenes were the ones involving Cora– in particular, when she was rolling around on the floor “dancing.” Commentary track from my neighbors: “that girl is TOO MUCH.”

  5. jeanmeanie Says:

    Ha! It is so funny that you say that, Squashi, because i TOTALLY think we are supposed to think she is Jewish, as she is named Sophie Fisher and her niece and nephew looked pretty Jewish. So since Drew doesn’t look so Jewish, I thought the Brandeis sweatshirt was supposed to help.

  6. squashi Says:

    But then why is her sister Kristen Johnston, the giant blonde? Maybe i could see Johnston’s husband, but not Johnston. That part made no sense. And why does it advance the story that she is jewish? Does it make her more ‘quirky’?

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