Yo, I’m back and I’m thinking LUNCH


Either there’s been a malfunction, or someone has not been carrying her blogging weight around here. What gives? Did you get a job or something, Squashi?

So, my new job starts soon, and given the whole 9-5+commute thing, I am getting nervous about how many hours there are in the day. And about what I am going to EAT. So I need to get organized.


I am trying to decide between the Mr. Bento by Zojirushi (or one of its variations), and the cute Laptop Lunches lunchbox. Each of them has an enthusiastic internet posse. Exhibit A: Mr. Bento Porn . Exhibit B: Vegan Lunchcast.

I love these wacky people and their practice of photographing and describing their lunches for the world to see. They inspire me to eat prettier, healthier food. And they make me wonder, am I the sort of person who could get really into posting pictures of my food on the internet? Stay tuned…

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