PIZZA + _____ = AWESOME!!!


I realized I haven’t really posted anything interesting about my San Francisco trip, so I will post this:

You know what they have there? INDIAN PIZZA!! It’s true! My wonderful friends took me to experience it myself!!


They have it at this place called Zante Pizza, and it is simply a pizza place/indian restaurant. And, uhm, putting indian ingredients and spices on pizza and throwing cheese on top turns out to be a really good idea. Which leaves me wondering… what else? What else would be good? Sushi pizza? No. Taco pizza? I think I actually have heard of such a thing. And come to think of it, I think this sushi place in Ann Arbor (totoro, on State Street) had something called sushi nachos on the menu, and it scared me. A lot. Did anyone out there ever dare to figure out what the hell that was?

Anyway, the point is, if you are ever in San Francisco, and in the Mission/Bernal Heights area, and you happen to want some awesomeness, go eat Indian Pizza. There. All taken care of.

One Response to “PIZZA + _____ = AWESOME!!!”

  1. E Says:

    i know that consistent blogging smacks of no-life-ness, but you guys are seriously slacking! i’ve missed you.

    i know for a fact that they have kimchi pizza and bulgogi pizza in korea. i’ve not tasted either, and i’m not sure how either would taste since cheese isn’t exactly a staple of korean cuisine (hello lactards!), but there you have it. and for whatever reason, koreans are big on potato as a pizza topping. mmm…starchalicious!

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