Fickle postscript


Ok, sometimes Stacy is cute.  But the net effect of the show is evil.

Agh. Watching Double Indemnity last night was like eating  a crisp slice of honeydew. Now I feel like I just ate three boxes of lucky charms. And some cheese fries. With gravy.

4 Responses to “Fickle postscript”

  1. E Says:

    this declaration should surprise nobody, but i love this show. i love the fact these sad sacks get $5K each to shop in NYC and the panic this induces. i love stacy and her cruella de ville white streak in her hair. i especially love that people actually look and feel better in the end and this show may reduce the number of 100% polyester items among us. bad fashion and bad for the environment!

    and i love clinton. we would totally be bffs, except he’d probably look better in skirts than i.

  2. jeanmeanie Says:

    fair enough, but if the environment is what we’re considering, isn’t it actually better for the environment to NOT throw out all your clothing and buy new ones?

    also, do you think that the 2 of them feel pressured to always look good and match, etc, when they go out in public, like even when they’re just running down to the bodega on the corner?

  3. squashi Says:

    i have no comments for this series of posts because i haven’t had cable since 1L year, and therefore i have no idea what this show is about.

    However, i do approve of argyle under the right circumstances.

  4. E Says:

    squashi, didn’t we agree that people who immediately speak of their lack of tv and/or cable are worse than saddam hussein?

    cheese fries w gravy are delicious, esp if the cheese is curdled and you’re in montreal and the quebecois call it “poutine.”

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