Next, Delia comes face to face with her nemesis: ARGYLE.


Has anyone ever liveblogged What Not to Wear? Does it count as liveblogging if the show is a rerun?




Clinton says: This is the new way of doing argyle. Very deep, sexy V on the neck; this is crazy!!

And I love the hair guy who sounds just like Davy Jones (the Monkee, not the undersea guy with a locker.)

Ok dear readers, now we come to the ultimate question — Stacy London: Good or Evil? She drives me CRAZY. Somehow Clinton doesn’t bother me as much. He is sort of this innocuous Fred Schneider type guy who seems almost as afraid of Stacy as I am. But her, AGH!

I was told by one of my college friends that I am supposed to like her because she is a loud-mouthed Jewish girl. Ahem.

Poor Delia! Why should she have to wear Argyle? And why can’t I stop watching?

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