Is there anything more agonizing in today’s plugged-in world than waiting for netflix dvds that never arrive? I mean, this is PAINFUL. They shipped them on Friday 4/6 and now it’s Tuesday 4/10. Which means we’ve been dvd-less (we mailed all three back at once) since Wednesday. An eternity!

In Ann Arbor, at least, you could bide your time by going to the delicious AAPL and check out as many dvds as you liked. Sadly, it seems the Brooklyn PL only carries VHS (quaint!) and a smattering of children’s movies. I guess I’ll have to start blogging again.

One Response to “eternity”

  1. jeanmeanie Says:

    I can relate! I too have found myself confronting maddening kafkaesque netflix-related riddles. For instance, one day I found just the tear-off sheet from a netflix flik in my mailbox. The DVD had been separated from the envelope, meaning it had no address attached to it. Then, the next day, I found myself with DISC TWO of that film in my mailbox, meaning I only had the special features. This was too much for my feeble brain to handle, and I basically had a nervous breakdown.

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