Court to Women: Drop Dead!


Today is a bad day. Insisting that he’s with the majority because this is just a facial challenge to the so-called Partial Birth Abortion ban, Justice Kennedy leaves open the door to an as-applied case– in other words, “come back to us when one of you ladies dies because of this law.”

And coming soon! Court to mentally-ill people who still have some capacity to understand what is happening to them: Drop dead!

2 Responses to “Court to Women: Drop Dead!”

  1. jeanmeanie Says:

    For what it’s worth, the CANDIDATES weigh in on this:

    A festival of bluster and sameness, yes, but somehow nonetheless comforting to see the Dems all pay lip service to reproductive rights, and for some to use language of women’s equality to do it.

  2. squashi Says:

    Right, and as soon as they fix the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the health insurance crisis and illegal immigration and roll back the tax breaks for the rich and reinstate the assault weapons ban and start regulating carbon dioxide emissions from point sources, i’m TOTALLY SURE the democrats will get around to reproductive rights! Hooray for democrats!

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