dang it, i can’t resist u LOLcats


I think the cats have won. Jeanmeanie, if gawker can do it, if boingboing can do it, i think it’s safe to do it. Bring on the catblogging. Just bring it. Use that fancy schmancy camera of yours and create masterpieces such as this:


Inspiration here and here, and lots of millions of other places.  Oh, and most especially the posts tagged “invisible” here.

3 Responses to “dang it, i can’t resist u LOLcats”

  1. E Says:

    when is the catblogging gonna begin?

  2. jeanmeanie Says:

    why are cats necessarily bad spellers? am I missing something here?

  3. squashi Says:

    DUH, they never got to learn spelling in school because most schools won’t accept cats.

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