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Disgusting or Awesome? You Decide!

May 18, 2007


Because politics can no longer just be politics, but like everything else has to emulate reality TV, behold: the Food Stamp Challenge!

In this episode, my own congresswoman Jan Schakowsky learns what millions of poor people already know: you can’t really live on food stamps, and you certainly can’t eat nutritiously!

Ok, I kid, but I actually don’t think this is as silly and insidious as some others do. Yes, it somehow manages to make the issues of poverty, hunger and public benefits all about HER, but maybe it does require stunts like this to get people’s attention.

What do you think: disgusting or awesome?

p.s. I am actually a fan of Jan, despite (or because of?) the Pirro-esque shady past of her husband Robert Creamer. She always seems to vote the right way on lots of issues I care about.


May 16, 2007

the song Karma Police is in my head today. not only won’t it go away, but I keep catching myself almost singing it out loud.

why? why me? help!

fashion skamergency!!

May 16, 2007

dude, i am gonna go see the TOASTERS tomorrow night!

i’m so psyched, i’m gonna pretend that it is 1994 and the Bush2 years never happened!


but here’s the question — what does one wear to a 3rd wave ska show in the oughties?

Also, why didn’t the phrase “the oughties” really catch on?

p.s. i don’t care if you don’t watch this show or know what i’m talking about.

May 11, 2007


part of the conceit of the awesome, and awesomely predictable reality show Top Chef is that the winner uses his (or her, theoretically) $100,000 prize to open a new restaurant. then everyone wants to eat there, because the chef is already a celebrity. should work beautifully.

courtesy of gawker, we find out that hot, yet strangely boring Top Chef 1 winner Harold has finally opened his restaurant.

now, much as i love the stoic harold, i can’t really see eating at an expensive place like that, so i’m just waiting for the runners-up to open their restaurants. especially Mike… i’m sure it’ll be beer & wings all the way!

What do you know about this man?

May 11, 2007


So, Marvin Krislov, general counsel of UMichigan is most likely going to be the next president of Oberlin College.


Does anyone have an opinion about him? Oberlin holds a very special place in my heart, so I want to know whether any of my millions of loyal readers (all five of you? four? c’mon, three??) has had any personal experience with him and has anything to say, pro or con. Nothing dirty, please.

Voicemail is down…

May 10, 2007


quoting an e-mail from tech support staff:

“We’re currently running a consistency check on the drive array. We’ll keep you posted as to our progress.”

It is awesome that they assume these words will mean something to me.

it’s like trying to (difficult task) with a (inadequate tool)

May 3, 2007


I have my very own office. It is pretty big, and it has a big window. The reason for this is simple — real estate is probably pretty cheap where I work (South Side of Chicago, though not that far South). I was told by the girl who previously occupied my office that her new office, downtown, is a quarter the size of mine. So be it. The big window doesn’t open, but it is a big window.


A client was sitting in my office yesterday, and remarked upon my “crappy view.” I hadn’t really thought of it that way, since I do have a nice big window and all. I pointed out that I have a view of something historical — the last standing Robert Taylor Homes building — the last vestige of what was at one time the largest public housing project in the United States. Her response? “Thank Jesus I never lived in the Taylor Homes.”


The building that is still standing has been the sole surviving building for some time now, several years. I could probably find out why this one was left standing after the others were demolished (in a HOPE VI-fueled frenzy of beneficent destruction), but I haven’t bothered to research it. At any rate, it is something to see. It’s enormous, with a mostly intact skeleton, but most of the windows and walls blown out. Part of the building simply slumps downward to one side, as if it were dissolving. I’d always thought a building had to be either standing or demolished, pretty much. This one has been hovering between those two states, at least for as long as I’ve been watching it out my window (admittedly only 2 weeks, but longer than I’d have thought such a thing could last.)


I was standing on the El platform today, waiting for the train to take me up to the Cook County Court.

I looked over at the last standing Robert Taylor Home, and for the first time saw (or noticed) a crane with a wrecking ball intently attacking it. Next to the building, the wrecking ball looked positively puny. Are wrecking balls always that much smaller than the buildings they’re trying to demolish? The wrecking ball was persistent. It swung slowly at the building, over and over, though it didn’t seem to be doing much damage at all.

It was fucking poetic.