What do you know about this man?



So, Marvin Krislov, general counsel of UMichigan is most likely going to be the next president of Oberlin College.


Does anyone have an opinion about him? Oberlin holds a very special place in my heart, so I want to know whether any of my millions of loyal readers (all five of you? four? c’mon, three??) has had any personal experience with him and has anything to say, pro or con. Nothing dirty, please.

3 Responses to “What do you know about this man?”

  1. booksie Says:

    that’s very interesting. i served on a committee with him and always thought he was extremely nice and thoughtful. also i think he taught some course at the law school and i always heard good things about him. most of all, i think it’s pretty cool that a lawyer can end up the president of a major college– this bodes well for our futures, possibly the future of our beloved barnard college as well…

  2. jeanmeanie Says:

    Yeah, I mean he seems like an alright guy, but he’s such an ivy leaguer, and a lawyer. I want Oberlin helmed by someone who seems more… I dunno… VEGAN or something. Like Dennis Kucinich, maybe.

  3. jeanmeanie Says:

    as for barnard, dibs on that one!

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