Better Know a Schakowsky


What’s up! Did you all see MY congresswoman on the Colbert Report the other night?

I don’t know how to stick videos in here (if you even can on WordPress), but you can find a link to it, plus reactions of some Chicagoans, here on Chicagoist.

I don’t know what I’m proudest of: her performance on Colbert’s show, Colbert’s repeated insistence that she was on drugs, or her partnership with my boy Kucinich in an effort to impeach evil warlord Cheney.

One Response to “Better Know a Schakowsky”

  1. cold4thestreets Says:

    Why did you deny me this blog for so long?

    Anyway, i did catch your congressional person on Colbert the other night, but really, I’m just commenting to express my support for your blogging efforts and to make clear that had I known this blog existed, I would have torn up the comments sections with my various, sordid opinions.

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