people try to put us d-down…


so, here i am, feeling all guilty and like my priorities are wrong because despite the fact that i find my job interesting (and will likely find future jobs that are a better match for my personality EVEN MORE interesting), i have no intention of spending all my time working, especially once i have kids at ALL, ever. i like other stuff just as much as i like working, and my relatively un-demanding work schedule (9-5:30 or 6, plus 2 hours of commuting) is KILLING me, sapping my energy, preventing me from doing lots of the stuff i like doing.

but, lo and behold, the NEW YORK TIMES tells me it isn’t just me — it’s my whole damn jenerayshun, bless their little hearts!

i tell ya, it’s been taking all the self-control i can muster to avoid wearing a “midriff-baring” top and my ipod headphones to court, but i’ve succeeded thus far.

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