say it with me now,


Someone handed me a flier for this movie yesterday, just shortly after I left a THREE HOUR dentist appointment. I was a little too out of it to appreciate the full what the fuckness of this, but seriously —




I mean, I loved EO with Professor Davis Evans as much as the next guy, but really?

On a related note, has anyone else noticed that there is now a student blogs section on the MLAW website? Do you think the alumni bloggers can get a little love?

2 Responses to “say it with me now,”

  1. c4ts Says:

    I love the idea that a well-placed apostrophe can turn the frighteningly boring Sarbanes Oxley into some sort of sexual innuendo. What part of the anatomy could the Oxley possibly be?

  2. jeanmeanie Says:

    I am going to make a movie called “Douglas’s Penumbra.” Or better yet, “The Penumbra of William O.”

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