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An insult to a noble Muppet.

August 27, 2007


The funnest thing about Gonzales resignation is this, from The Lede:

“Consensus Headline, 10:23 AM Eastern Many bloggers have settled on “Gonzo Gone.” Meanwhile, Rachel Sklar of Huffington Post jokingly “wanted to beat the New York Post and the Daily News to tomorrow’s identical headline” with “GONZO GONE-ZO!” Both New York papers play it completely straight at the moment: “GONZALES RESIGNS” and “Sources: Gonzales resigned.”

Not totally fair to the ever-suffering Gonzo the Great, but funny! Gone-zo! Heh-heh!

p.s. i don’t think that dubya has actually set a record for high-level resignations in one administration, but this whole era is going to look pretty frickin’ incredible, when we try to explain it to our children.

p.p.s. Elmo is a Republican!!

slow news day?

August 17, 2007


the nytimes travel section seems to be soliciting essays from enthusiastic 9th grade budding JOURNALISMISTS!

that is the only way i can explain this totally unnecessary and sort of confusing bit by Seth Kugel (yes that is really the byline) about how “cheesy” activities can in fact be “fun!”

gee whiz guys,

“You’ve got to head down to Lower Broadway, to the classic “Charging Bull” sculpture, where you’re almost certain to find a mob of tourists taking pictures. And, of course, there are always a couple of jokers who go around to the anatomically correct back end of the bull, and pose in every position you can imagine — and some you cannot.

So cheesy. But, come on, pretty funny, too.”

uh, no.

and then there’s this assertion, which i actually don’t even understand, about a recently shuttered peep-show establishment: “Playpen on Eighth Avenue, which added an extra dose of cheesy classlessness by keeping a few Beaux-Arts architectural details from its days as a theater high above the booths. Or so they say.”

why is it “classless” to retain Beaux-Arts architectural details of a building, even as you alter its use? am I missing something? is he insinuating that they were fake Beaux-Arts details? Or is it a dirty joke that has escaped even my actively filthy mind?


i can has cheezjrnlsm?

p.s. if one of my 3 readers is friends/cousins with Seth Kugel, I apologize for the harshness of my tone. but someone should talk to him.

say it with me now,

August 15, 2007

Someone handed me a flier for this movie yesterday, just shortly after I left a THREE HOUR dentist appointment. I was a little too out of it to appreciate the full what the fuckness of this, but seriously —




I mean, I loved EO with Professor Davis Evans as much as the next guy, but really?

On a related note, has anyone else noticed that there is now a student blogs section on the MLAW website? Do you think the alumni bloggers can get a little love?

Love it!

August 6, 2007


Best story of today, for sure!

See here, and here.

Try as I might, I couldn’t find a facebook OR myspace page for Jackie Kucinich.

worth a thousand words

July 27, 2007

i think this says it all.


people try to put us d-down…

July 26, 2007

so, here i am, feeling all guilty and like my priorities are wrong because despite the fact that i find my job interesting (and will likely find future jobs that are a better match for my personality EVEN MORE interesting), i have no intention of spending all my time working, especially once i have kids at ALL, ever. i like other stuff just as much as i like working, and my relatively un-demanding work schedule (9-5:30 or 6, plus 2 hours of commuting) is KILLING me, sapping my energy, preventing me from doing lots of the stuff i like doing.

but, lo and behold, the NEW YORK TIMES tells me it isn’t just me — it’s my whole damn jenerayshun, bless their little hearts!

i tell ya, it’s been taking all the self-control i can muster to avoid wearing a “midriff-baring” top and my ipod headphones to court, but i’ve succeeded thus far.

In case you missed this sick, ugly, story

July 18, 2007

I know I somehow missed, until today, the story of the Jena Six — six black teenagers being charged with crimes varying from aggravated assault to attempted murder, based on a fight at a high school, a fight which it is not at ALL clear that they were all involved in and which followed months of racial tension erupting out of a hate crime committed by white students at the school, characterized as a “youthful prank.”

It does not appear that the New York Times has even mentioned this story — at least nothing came up when I did a search on the website.

See here, here, here for more.

Too sick for comment. I don’t even know what to say.

I read in one of the stories that groups such as the Legal Defense Fund and SPLC have just begun to take an interest now, after Mychal Bell was convicted (by an all-white jury, after his PD failed to call a single witness, etc.) of aggravated assault based on the clever theory that his tennis shoe was a “dangerous weapon” under Louisiana law. Well, I hope those groups or someone else gets it together to help the rest of the students defend their cases, and help Mr. Bell appeal this madness.

P.S. Here’s a petition you can sign to the Louisiana governor, and one to the D.A.

Weirder Mash-Up Than Human Minds Could Have Dreamed Up…

July 13, 2007

Ok, I know this is old news, but something had to be said.

Someone figured out how to mash my current favorite musicians with my favorite musician from when I was 12. Except in REAL LIFE, in front of a live audience. And the results are predictably, uh… bizarre?

that’s right, madonna appears to have had her fill of Malawi and have moved on to Eastern Europe. Is Eugene too old to be her next adoptee?


The vitriolic response by number of gogol fans on livejournal (and, i presume, other geeky web fanspaces) is simultaneously fascinating and boring. from what i read, not one person made the argument that regardless of whether they were “selling out” or serving as madonna’s “trained monkeys,” it was all, theoretically, for a good cause. perhaps that’s because the idea of these concerts is to draw viewers and then inform them, while eugene and sergey’s appearance was unannounced and therefore couldn’t really draw anybody, in theory.

anyway, i love la isla bonita, though not as much as i did when i was 13, and i love gogol, but in combination they strike me as the sort of bizarre thing that future civilizations will excavate and puzzle over.

go watch it!


P.S.’s review of GB’s new album comes in the form of a top ten list.

Reason #1 why it scores a 4 out of 5? “There are no guest appearances by Madonna.”

Tee hee.

Shopping for Justice: “I think I know I mean, er, yes but it’s all wrong” edition

June 21, 2007

So I saw this commercial on the TV for the new Farm Aid-esque Pop Stars Singing John Lennon Songs For Darfur. Sponsored, somehow, by American Express.

And my first, typical, cynical instinct was to be disgusted by this latest example of the American trend of commercializing humanitarianism — convincing people that if they’re concerned about a social/political issue, the thing to do is go out and BUY this bracelet/t-shirt/cd! (A portion of the proceeds, we’re always assured, will go toward ending breast cancer/saving the children/stopping evil in its tracks!!) I have thought about this a lot, and I am conflicted about it, because I’m as into a good benefit concert as the next guy, provided I like the bands. But I recognize the perversity in it, and in general, when I choose to take action with my wallet, I send my dollars straight to the organization I’m into helping. But if a person wouldn’t be otherwise inclined to do something about an issue, the only harm I see in the whole thing is the fact that some corporation, inevitably, is profiting from the whole transaction. But what else is new?

So I googled this “Instant Karma” project, and found Amnesty’s press release, which statesthat “proceeds” would support the Save Darfur campaign, and gave a track listing. Although it might be nice to hear that ALL proceeds were going to Save Darfur, and might be even nicer to hear that all of these artists were personally donating a couple of their millions to the campaign, and not just their sweet voices, the track listing made me kind of want to hear this record. I mean, Xtina Aguilera singing “Mother?” I heartily approve of that.

So I guess I am a hypocrite, is what I’m saying.

Itchy & Scratchy, the LIVE SHOW

June 19, 2007


I have not had the pleasure of entertaining many rodent guests in my various apartments. I assume this is a result of sheer luck, rather than of my exemplary housekeeping skills, but nonetheless. We had one little mousie friend in my apartment in the West Village, but honestly it is amazing that it was only one, given that we hadn’t been clever enough to buy a LID for our GARBAGE CAN.

You can probably guess what all this is leading up to. Yup, it appears to be mouse season! On Sunday night I was wholesomely sitting around and reading on the couch in my living room, when I became aware that Ramona, my fuzzy little girl cat, was growling at something. It appeared that she was in danger of knocking over a picture frame that was propped against the wall, so I got up and moved it away, and saw that there was a little grey mouse toy behind it. Except then it started moving. And also, we never GOT the cats a little grey mouse toy.

So, I did what any reasonable adult would do. I screamed “It’s a real mouse!,” and jumped on the couch. Like a big, freakin’ baby.

Ramona went after the little thing, but she didn’t seem to be too intent on killing it, or even to realize that that’s what she was supposed to do. She batted it around with her paws, let it run away a little, caught it again, picked it up in her mouth, dropped it, etc. I thought her little tiger of a brother Iggy might be of some help, so I had A schlep him in from the other room. Boy was I wrong. Ramona growled at him and wouldn’t let him near her awesome new toy. He was interested, but he seemed to realize it was in his interest to just hang back and watch.

Eventually we realized that Ramona wasn’t in a hurry to kill it, and that it might actually be way grosser if she did, so we trapped it under a cup and A disposed of it.

I know, ew.


Last night, we got back from dinner, and I was exhausted so I got right in bed and started watching a fascinating program about pancakes or bacon or something on television. After a little while, I realized I had to tend to my little wild beasts, so I cleaned the litter box and got out their food. As I walked over to their food bowls, I saw that someone had neatly deposited a little dead mouse in the center of one of the bowls. Shit. One mouse is an anomaly, but two mice seems to me a signal of a larger problem.

I am not even sure what to do, since I don’t want to put out any traps or poison that might hurt my little hunters.


An amusing (?) epilogue:

After all that excitement, I had no idea that the cats still had enough creativity and mischief left in them to devise an ENTIRELY NEW prank! This morning when I woke up, I discovered that they had decided to tear open the package of clean litter that we keep near the litter box and spread it all over the floor, creating a little mountain of litter to play in. Yay! Sandbox! I found this completely hilarious, because of the utter pointless destructiveness of it. Way to go, kitties!