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This one goes out to A.

June 5, 2007

Actually, i think both Jeanmeanie and her co-habitator A would like this bit from the Guardian. Why can’t the silly bloggy parts of the New York Times and other American newspapers be this awesome? Rule Britannia!

an uncomfortable snakeskin boot?


Continuing our uniquely unreliable interactive knowledge resource.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas “Nic” Cage is an American overactor of astonishing range, capable of running the gamut from melancholic brooding to whooping insanity in the blink of an hour. The human equivalent of  Cage is physically reminiscent of a three-way cross between a Teddy Ruxpin doll, Elvis Presley, and a sexually excited tooth salesman.

A career alternating left-field art-house meanderings with eardrum-pounding action spectaculars has assured him a unique position in the Hollywood firmament: despite being one of the most recognisable A-list names on the planet, he refuses to linger in the memory, making it easy to forget he exists at all until he pops up to promote his next movie.

This may explain why he has the saddest eyes of any movie star. Indeed, no matter what the rest of his body is doing, his eyes perpetually remain those of a lonesome hound locked inside an abandoned car, mournfully padding at the window and failing to gain the attention of countless unconcerned passersby.

Despite appearing in the odd bona-fide classic, Cage has also starred in many of the world’s worst and loudest movies – so many that his name has become a piece of cultural terminology: audiences suffering through one of his many overblown clunkers – excruciating chambers of high-concept idiocy from which there is no escape for at least two hours – are said to be trapped within the “Nicolas Cage”.

The first part of that webpage is great, too.

In other news, I am not dead. Just, er, resting from all that exhausting blogging way back in April.

This disturbs me

April 30, 2007

I have a lot to say about this NYT article regarding the “fancy” jails that wealthier inmates can pay to serve their time in. But a) I have work to do so I oughtn’t blog those things right now and b) it makes me so cranky that I’m rather incoherent.

dang it, i can’t resist u LOLcats

April 21, 2007

I think the cats have won. Jeanmeanie, if gawker can do it, if boingboing can do it, i think it’s safe to do it. Bring on the catblogging. Just bring it. Use that fancy schmancy camera of yours and create masterpieces such as this:


Inspiration here and here, and lots of millions of other places.  Oh, and most especially the posts tagged “invisible” here.


April 19, 2007

i usually think banners at big important hearings are a little tedious and unproductive, but this one is really an instant classic:hillarious.jpg

hooray for protesters!


April 19, 2007

Ladies of the blog, be sad no more!

In the year 2000, The American will live “fifty years instead of thirty-five as at present-for he will reside in the suburbs!” “Mosquitoes, house-flies and roaches will have been practically exterminated!” “Peas and beans will be as large as beets are to-day!” “There will be No C, X or Q in our every-day alphabet! They will be abandoned because unnecessary!In vacation time poor children will be taken on trips to various parts of the world!” “Nicaragua will ask for admission to our Union after the completion of the great canal. Mexico will be next!” 

Actually, what is so great about this article from 1900 is how right they are about so many things.

Woman: object or human being? You be the judge.

April 18, 2007

Very quickly: This is extremely depressing.  Why is this “hip”? Why is it “sexy”? It’s creepy! It’s extremely demeaning to women! It’s backwards titillation stemming from the notion that women are mere utensils to be “served” to men in exchange for money! ARRRRGGG!

NYT: “Rachael …  seemed to enjoy the evening as much as anyone could while lying supine and being poked by chopsticks. To an onlooker, the most disturbing aspect of her job might be Hadaka’s rule that forbids a model to eat the sushi that rests inches away from her mouth.”

Right. “the most disturbing aspect of her job.”

p.s. THREE posts in one day! I must really be procrastinalicious!

Yes, this post is depressing too.

April 18, 2007

In continuation of my recent quest to make this blog sad and serious, i would just like to send the reader’s attention to this picture, taken today in Baghdad:


I would never seek to belittle the magnitude of the atrocity at Virginia Tech this past Monday.  I merely ask: where is the touching New York Times “Victims” page for the one hundred seventy one innocent lives that were lost today in Iraq’s capital? I know that this disparity is frequently noted, and I don’t particularly mean to condemn the NYT for its lopsided coverage of the two massacres.  I don’t really know what I want to say, except that a life is a life is a life, whether it is an Iraqi graduate student studying hydrology or a Virginian one. I find myself more and more inured to the daily fact of more Iraqi lives lost. Let’s all try to maintain our shock and anger at their deaths, just as we felt those emotions when we learned of the events in Blacksburg, VA.

Court to Women: Drop Dead!

April 18, 2007

Today is a bad day. Insisting that he’s with the majority because this is just a facial challenge to the so-called Partial Birth Abortion ban, Justice Kennedy leaves open the door to an as-applied case– in other words, “come back to us when one of you ladies dies because of this law.”

And coming soon! Court to mentally-ill people who still have some capacity to understand what is happening to them: Drop dead!


April 10, 2007

Is there anything more agonizing in today’s plugged-in world than waiting for netflix dvds that never arrive? I mean, this is PAINFUL. They shipped them on Friday 4/6 and now it’s Tuesday 4/10. Which means we’ve been dvd-less (we mailed all three back at once) since Wednesday. An eternity!

In Ann Arbor, at least, you could bide your time by going to the delicious AAPL and check out as many dvds as you liked. Sadly, it seems the Brooklyn PL only carries VHS (quaint!) and a smattering of children’s movies. I guess I’ll have to start blogging again.

shopping in america– first in a series

March 9, 2007

hangers, from “Untitled-Thrift” by Brian UlrichThis amazing photo essay really spoke to me. I hate to admit it because of my crunchy hippie/commie background, but I do an awful lot of my shopping at big chain stores these days. When we were starting out here in NYC I needed to supplement my aging wardrobe to make it work-ready. Also, our current apartment is more than twice as large as our last one, and we lost a lot of little things in our move (mainly because they wouldn’t fit in our car back from MI). Long story short: I had a lot of consuming to do in the past 6 months. For a while at the beginning, I went to Target around once a week, and most of my current shoe collection was collected at the vile DSW.* And even though they are “discount” or “resale” stores, my work-clothes-sources Filene’s Basement and TJ Maxx are definitely way closer to the evil end than the indie/homemade/anarchist end of the shopping spectrum.

*more about which some other time.

I usually justify my shopping choices by declaring that my massive student debt and middling wage forbid me from patronizing the little locally-owned boutiques in Brooklyn. (Another reason I avoid these places, one which i (WE) will doubtless blog about later, is that i feel decidedly unwelcome and unattractive at many of these boutiques because my pant size is well above the maximum hipster-approved 6.) Despite these rationalizations, I have a nagging inner voice of reason that informs me coldly about all the ultimately expensive externalities I am creating by patronizing places that encourage precisely the type of soulless, environmentally-collapsed, worker-unfriendly country I was raised to complain about bitterly.

The original solution to this angst was Craigslist– which worked really well for furniture and household goods and was relatively easy and fun to use. However, the business-casual clothing on CL leaves a lot to be desired; ebay is no better, so my solution of late has been thrift-store shopping. Thus far, I’ve gotten one suit, several sweaters and shirts, and a handful of forks. Is this really a solution? I felt just as wretched wandering the overstuffed and somewhat filthy isles of Beacon’s Closet and Salvation Army as I did trolling the Union Square Filene’s for ecologically disastrous yet obscenely cheap cashmere sweaters. These thrift stores are (as the essay accompanying the photos points out) really just as sickening a product of our time as the Atlantic Mall Target.

What to do? I really really love pretty stuff, though I also really love the ideal of hippie minimalist anti-consumerism and DIY. I am a ball of contradictions! I don’t really need more than 4 suits, but I am a lawyer! And we just had a 5-day trial, which required me to recycle my first suit on the fifth day, so maybe I actually need 5 suits! Not to mention, it takes about 3 shopping days and a lot of luck to find a decent suit at a thrift store, while there are racks and racks of them waiting to be bought in a short 30 minutes at Ann Taylor Loft.

Sigh. I probably would be a morally and environmentally good person if I wasn’t so preoccupied with all these endless internal debates.

Anyway, Brian Ulrich, the photographer, also has a blog. From a moment’s glance, he seems like the type of artist we’d all like to be.

(p.s. appropriately enough, Talking Heads’ awesome “(Nothing But) Flowers” came on the radio as I wrote this. Here’s to a greener post-apocalyptic hunter-gatherer culture!)