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An insult to a noble Muppet.

August 27, 2007


The funnest thing about Gonzales resignation is this, from The Lede:

“Consensus Headline, 10:23 AM Eastern Many bloggers have settled on “Gonzo Gone.” Meanwhile, Rachel Sklar of Huffington Post jokingly “wanted to beat the New York Post and the Daily News to tomorrow’s identical headline” with “GONZO GONE-ZO!” Both New York papers play it completely straight at the moment: “GONZALES RESIGNS” and “Sources: Gonzales resigned.”

Not totally fair to the ever-suffering Gonzo the Great, but funny! Gone-zo! Heh-heh!

p.s. i don’t think that dubya has actually set a record for high-level resignations in one administration, but this whole era is going to look pretty frickin’ incredible, when we try to explain it to our children.

p.p.s. Elmo is a Republican!!

say it with me now,

August 15, 2007

Someone handed me a flier for this movie yesterday, just shortly after I left a THREE HOUR dentist appointment. I was a little too out of it to appreciate the full what the fuckness of this, but seriously —




I mean, I loved EO with Professor Davis Evans as much as the next guy, but really?

On a related note, has anyone else noticed that there is now a student blogs section on the MLAW website? Do you think the alumni bloggers can get a little love?

In case you missed this sick, ugly, story

July 18, 2007

I know I somehow missed, until today, the story of the Jena Six — six black teenagers being charged with crimes varying from aggravated assault to attempted murder, based on a fight at a high school, a fight which it is not at ALL clear that they were all involved in and which followed months of racial tension erupting out of a hate crime committed by white students at the school, characterized as a “youthful prank.”

It does not appear that the New York Times has even mentioned this story — at least nothing came up when I did a search on the website.

See here, here, here for more.

Too sick for comment. I don’t even know what to say.

I read in one of the stories that groups such as the Legal Defense Fund and SPLC have just begun to take an interest now, after Mychal Bell was convicted (by an all-white jury, after his PD failed to call a single witness, etc.) of aggravated assault based on the clever theory that his tennis shoe was a “dangerous weapon” under Louisiana law. Well, I hope those groups or someone else gets it together to help the rest of the students defend their cases, and help Mr. Bell appeal this madness.

P.S. Here’s a petition you can sign to the Louisiana governor, and one to the D.A.

What do you know about this man?

May 11, 2007


So, Marvin Krislov, general counsel of UMichigan is most likely going to be the next president of Oberlin College.


Does anyone have an opinion about him? Oberlin holds a very special place in my heart, so I want to know whether any of my millions of loyal readers (all five of you? four? c’mon, three??) has had any personal experience with him and has anything to say, pro or con. Nothing dirty, please.

This disturbs me

April 30, 2007

I have a lot to say about this NYT article regarding the “fancy” jails that wealthier inmates can pay to serve their time in. But a) I have work to do so I oughtn’t blog those things right now and b) it makes me so cranky that I’m rather incoherent.

Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Knowing What the Hell is Going On

April 27, 2007


Being a brand new lawyer is rather terrifying! There is so much more to know than the law. There are all these procedural rules, not to mention the sort of “culture of practice” which creates all kinds of informal rules about how you do things. AAAGH!


And the lamest thing is my UTTER TERROR about speaking in the role of lawyer. I write myself little scripts for every conversation I am going to have with a client or an opposing counsel. My supervisor saw me doing this and I am worried that he now thinks I am a LOSER.


But you know what? Just typing this out has made me feel better, realizing that this won’t last forever, that I will get comfortable in this work (at least more so), and that while it might be unpleasant to be so nervous all the time now, practicing law won’t always feel like this. Hopefully. Thanks, Dear Diary!!


And thanks, E, for talking me down a little!

Also, per your suggestion, my recent lunch involved the following CONDIMENTS, SAUCES and ACCOUTREMENTS:

– hot sauce

– rainbow sprinkles

– walnuts and raisins

– white, sugary cake icing

– Mayonnaise


Oy, my stomach!

Oh come on, who asked them to be poor anyway?

April 19, 2007

At the Feminist Law Professors blog, David Cohen argues that the Supreme Court’s decision will inordinately affect poor women.  Boo hoo.  They should just go and get a job.

Court to Women: Drop Dead!

April 18, 2007

Today is a bad day. Insisting that he’s with the majority because this is just a facial challenge to the so-called Partial Birth Abortion ban, Justice Kennedy leaves open the door to an as-applied case– in other words, “come back to us when one of you ladies dies because of this law.”

And coming soon! Court to mentally-ill people who still have some capacity to understand what is happening to them: Drop dead!