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Voicemail is down…

May 10, 2007


quoting an e-mail from tech support staff:

“We’re currently running a consistency check on the drive array. We’ll keep you posted as to our progress.”

It is awesome that they assume these words will mean something to me.

Alie thinks we should go on a winetasting tour

March 5, 2007


me: if i went on a bus tour i would feel obligated to pretend i was a senior citizen, which might be kind of fun

Alexandra: totally

Eat this, Gawker.

March 1, 2007

Seen around Chicago:

Thursday, 9:11 A.M.

Jessica Simpson, getting on the Purple line at Fullerton. She is with a bunch of DePaul students and they are giggling; something about “fuckburger.” She is holding the end of a leash, the other end is fastened to the neck of a gigantic ostrich.

Thursday, 1:27 PM

Bill Moyers walking out of a Subway shop on Chicago Ave. He is walking on his hands and balancing his bag, presumably containing his sandwich, on the bottoms of his feet. He looks hoT!!

Thursday, 11:57 PM

Dick Cheney sitting on a bench on the beach. Looking out at the lake and smoking a fat joint.