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half-assed little dribbles of verse

March 7, 2007

Writing the below post about the strange normalcy of people walking around downtown Chicago reminded me that while working at the Aon Building & Prudential Center for a few weeks last month, I got all poetic-like and started making up a poem in Ginsburgian/Sandburgian style.  Massive office towers teeming with humanity can do that to you.  Sort of an ode/entreaty to the “Office workers of America!”  But since i was just making it up in my head as I wandered the crazy food court nether regions of those particular skyscrapers, I would never remember to jot any of it down later. What do real writers do about this sort of thing?

 P.S. It was a really awesome poem, ok? Even if it doesn’t sound that awesome!

P.P.S. cold4thestreets, I so feel you, re: the whole “where’s the space/motivation/energy for art in my life now?” thing. Also the whole “oy, I feel old!” thing.

Spies Among Us!

March 7, 2007

On Monday, I decided to walk to the train station that is about 1.8 miles from my current office, as the googlemap flies. It was really really cold, and I have abandoned my earlier-in-the-winter practice of wearing long underwear under my pants, so my thighs were feeling frozen and sad, but it was worth it, just because i got to spend a few minutes outside instead of in a stuffy office.

So on this walk, as I was crossing a street (I think Wells?) I saw a guy who, it appeared to me, was wearing a fake beard. It was a VERY GOOD fake beard and I thought to myself, “whoa! that’s a darn good fake beard!”  A moment later it occurred to me that it was probably NOT a fake beard, just a fake-looking real beard, because, well, probability would say so.  It is probable that there are more people walking around downtown Chicago at any given moment with stupid-looking real beards than with real-looking fake beards. But its a lot less fun when you realize that.

Jury Selection

March 6, 2007

This is interesting:

During jury selection, the defense filtered out those District of Columbia residents who acknowledged negative feelings about the Bush White House and the war.”

 Does this mean that the jury was comprised of people who have warm & fuzzy feelings toward the Bushies?

or of people who have NO opinion of the White House or the war (and who are those people? I am perpetually puzzled by the idea that such people exist!)

or does it just mean that some of the people on the jury lied and said they had no opinion at all, when obviously they must have had some opinion.

Those of you with (or currently obtaining) experience with jury selection, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.

I don’t actually blame the NYT for this one

March 6, 2007

Have sex, don’t have sex, whatever.

The important thing is that young women have some arbitrary standard by which to measure their romantic and sexual lives so that they can feel inadequate/shitty/filled with anxiety.

More on this later.

Alie thinks we should go on a winetasting tour

March 5, 2007


me: if i went on a bus tour i would feel obligated to pretend i was a senior citizen, which might be kind of fun

Alexandra: totally

March 4, 2007

Vive La Liechtenstein!

saturday afternoon food musings

March 3, 2007

A while back, I was flipping channels (because i have CABLE now!!) and I came across a broadcast of a conference that took place last summer, sponsored by a Chicago bank, about the problem of food access in minority communities in Chicago. It was interesting, and interesting that this bank was sponsoring it (As a community service/PR-type thing? As reparations for something or other? Out of the goodness of their hearts?). Anyway, access to healthy food for poor and working class people is an issue that has gotten a lot of press lately with regard to childhood obesity, and an issue I have been interested in for a long time.

How do we get food stores to locate themselves in neighborhoods that desperately need them? Recently, the Chicago Tribune reported the closing of a whole slew of Dominick’s supermarkets, many in predominantly minority neighborhoods of Chicago. This sucks. But I personally don’t think that gigantic chain supermarkets (this one is owned by Safeway) are the best answer to the “food desert” problem.
Author Nina Planck says Of course poor people can afford real food – and she backs the assertion up by suggesting some specific policies that would make it easier.

Stay tuned for the book I will someday write about all this stuff. I am not kidding.

Has anyone else noticed how the NYT is really into using dumb questions as headlines?

March 2, 2007

NEWSFLASH: Dumb Rich People Get Plastic Surgery

In their tireless quest to answer questions no one was asking, the NYT asked us yesterday: Is Looking Your Age Now Taboo? 

Fave Quote:  “I don’t think we are getting more vain,” she said, “I think we have changed our view about how women should look.” – 49 Year Old, whose lips no longer “give away” her age.

Fave Interview Subject: thirty-fucking-three year old who has “already had Botox injections, as well as chemical peels and laser treatments.”

(Ok, I’ll give the 33 year old a break, because maybe she has one of those rapid aging diseases where she actually looked like 93 before she had all that crap done to her.)

boo, self-righteous healthy people!

March 1, 2007

is it PRESUMED nowadays that everyone goes to the gym? because i think its weird to presume that. some people just don’t like gyms or working out, and others get their exercise elsewhere, by biking or running or yoga or running up and down the stairs or whatever.

this dude at my current office was just quizzing me on whether i am “going out” tonight, and I had to explain that I don’t really “go out.”


 “Oh, because I am not really a going out person, and A. has work to do, usually, and” (he’s staring at me and at this point I start feeling like a loser) “and, I don’t really like most bars, and I’m too tired to go out, and I dunno, I guess we’re losers.”

The tired thing really threw him for a loop. The concept of feeling tired in the evening is something that was new to him, apparently.

 “What are you tired from?”

“I dunno, from waking up early, I guess.”

“Oh yeah, when did you wake up?”

Shame again. 7:30 A.M. feels HORRIBLY early to me, but I am ashamed of this. Actually, that was a lie. I woke up at 8 A.M. today but I just lied because I feel like thinking that is an ungodly hour is decadent and make me look lazy.

“I’m embarassed to say. Eight. But” defensively “that feels really early to ME.”

“When do you go work out? Do you work out in the morning?”

WHAT? What? Why are you asking? Are you about to give me some health advice about how I’ll have more energy if I work out in the morning? That might be true, but you tell that to the innocent passersby who I MURDER if they so much as LOOK at me wrong at that time of morning. No, I shouldn’t be out in public at that time of day, let alone on a treadmill.

The point is this: I don’t really know this guy. I don’t care that much what he thinks of me. But there is something that struck me as fundamentally obnoxious about his presumption that I work out at all.

Uh, maybe that sounded a little psycho. But that’s what a blog is for, n’est pas?

Eat this, Gawker.

March 1, 2007

Seen around Chicago:

Thursday, 9:11 A.M.

Jessica Simpson, getting on the Purple line at Fullerton. She is with a bunch of DePaul students and they are giggling; something about “fuckburger.” She is holding the end of a leash, the other end is fastened to the neck of a gigantic ostrich.

Thursday, 1:27 PM

Bill Moyers walking out of a Subway shop on Chicago Ave. He is walking on his hands and balancing his bag, presumably containing his sandwich, on the bottoms of his feet. He looks hoT!!

Thursday, 11:57 PM

Dick Cheney sitting on a bench on the beach. Looking out at the lake and smoking a fat joint.