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so totally last week

June 1, 2007

i am so excited about the TONY extra-special hipster episode!

hipsters and their interests, tastes, and needs have been under-represented in the new york media, and certainly on the internet, so this is a very welcome development. it is especially welcome for ME, because i have never quite been hip enough to know exactly what a hipster is or how to spot one.

i haven’t gotten the chance to read the articles yet. but the whole thing strikes me as ridiculous/awesome.

fashion skamergency!!

May 16, 2007

dude, i am gonna go see the TOASTERS tomorrow night!

i’m so psyched, i’m gonna pretend that it is 1994 and the Bush2 years never happened!


but here’s the question — what does one wear to a 3rd wave ska show in the oughties?

Also, why didn’t the phrase “the oughties” really catch on?