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Oh come on, who asked them to be poor anyway?

April 19, 2007

At the Feminist Law Professors blog, David Cohen argues that the Supreme Court’s decision will inordinately affect poor women.  Boo hoo.  They should just go and get a job.

Woman: object or human being? You be the judge.

April 18, 2007

Very quickly: This is extremely depressing.  Why is this “hip”? Why is it “sexy”? It’s creepy! It’s extremely demeaning to women! It’s backwards titillation stemming from the notion that women are mere utensils to be “served” to men in exchange for money! ARRRRGGG!

NYT: “Rachael …  seemed to enjoy the evening as much as anyone could while lying supine and being poked by chopsticks. To an onlooker, the most disturbing aspect of her job might be Hadaka’s rule that forbids a model to eat the sushi that rests inches away from her mouth.”

Right. “the most disturbing aspect of her job.”

p.s. THREE posts in one day! I must really be procrastinalicious!

Court to Women: Drop Dead!

April 18, 2007

Today is a bad day. Insisting that he’s with the majority because this is just a facial challenge to the so-called Partial Birth Abortion ban, Justice Kennedy leaves open the door to an as-applied case– in other words, “come back to us when one of you ladies dies because of this law.”

And coming soon! Court to mentally-ill people who still have some capacity to understand what is happening to them: Drop dead!

I don’t actually blame the NYT for this one

March 6, 2007

Have sex, don’t have sex, whatever.

The important thing is that young women have some arbitrary standard by which to measure their romantic and sexual lives so that they can feel inadequate/shitty/filled with anxiety.

More on this later.