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say it with me now,

August 15, 2007

Someone handed me a flier for this movie yesterday, just shortly after I left a THREE HOUR dentist appointment. I was a little too out of it to appreciate the full what the fuckness of this, but seriously —




I mean, I loved EO with Professor Davis Evans as much as the next guy, but really?

On a related note, has anyone else noticed that there is now a student blogs section on the MLAW website? Do you think the alumni bloggers can get a little love?

This one goes out to A.

June 5, 2007

Actually, i think both Jeanmeanie and her co-habitator A would like this bit from the Guardian. Why can’t the silly bloggy parts of the New York Times and other American newspapers be this awesome? Rule Britannia!

an uncomfortable snakeskin boot?


Continuing our uniquely unreliable interactive knowledge resource.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas “Nic” Cage is an American overactor of astonishing range, capable of running the gamut from melancholic brooding to whooping insanity in the blink of an hour. The human equivalent of  Cage is physically reminiscent of a three-way cross between a Teddy Ruxpin doll, Elvis Presley, and a sexually excited tooth salesman.

A career alternating left-field art-house meanderings with eardrum-pounding action spectaculars has assured him a unique position in the Hollywood firmament: despite being one of the most recognisable A-list names on the planet, he refuses to linger in the memory, making it easy to forget he exists at all until he pops up to promote his next movie.

This may explain why he has the saddest eyes of any movie star. Indeed, no matter what the rest of his body is doing, his eyes perpetually remain those of a lonesome hound locked inside an abandoned car, mournfully padding at the window and failing to gain the attention of countless unconcerned passersby.

Despite appearing in the odd bona-fide classic, Cage has also starred in many of the world’s worst and loudest movies – so many that his name has become a piece of cultural terminology: audiences suffering through one of his many overblown clunkers – excruciating chambers of high-concept idiocy from which there is no escape for at least two hours – are said to be trapped within the “Nicolas Cage”.

The first part of that webpage is great, too.

In other news, I am not dead. Just, er, resting from all that exhausting blogging way back in April.


April 10, 2007

Is there anything more agonizing in today’s plugged-in world than waiting for netflix dvds that never arrive? I mean, this is PAINFUL. They shipped them on Friday 4/6 and now it’s Tuesday 4/10. Which means we’ve been dvd-less (we mailed all three back at once) since Wednesday. An eternity!

In Ann Arbor, at least, you could bide your time by going to the delicious AAPL and check out as many dvds as you liked. Sadly, it seems the Brooklyn PL only carries VHS (quaint!) and a smattering of children’s movies. I guess I’ll have to start blogging again.

Music & Lyrics: commentary track ON

March 5, 2007

 (edited to protect the innocent)

E: did you go see music & assme: yes  it was awesome E: and you loved it? me: because it was at court street (@ atlantic)7:43 PM E: yeah, i know that sketchy theater me: and there were all of 10 people in the audience [and we got there really early, to make sure we got seats– i love when that happens] me: and ALL of them were talking constantly over the movie– explaining to their friends what had just been said on screen, talking about what had happened to them earlier in the night, or just commenting on the action in the movie.  It was hilarious–some of the comments were quite insightful. (oO any other night, with any other movie, i would have minded a LOT but somehow the commentary track made this one much better.)7:44 PM Anyway, every time it got sappy, every time Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore kissed or flirted or sang one of their abysmally sugary songs, one lady next to us said (full voice):  “OHH NOOO!!!!! me: I really couldn’t tell whether she was being funny or serious– it sounded like she was saying “I can’t believe this SAPPY SHIT”  me: like she was genuinely surprised and disappointed that there was (gasp!) kissing in a romantic comedy. 
Anyway, the verdict is: if you MUST watch a comedy and the only other options are Norbit and Wild Hogs, Music & Lyrics is not punishingly bad (though i don’t think i would rate it quite as highly as the White Bear). Especially if you turn on the commentary track.