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slow news day?

August 17, 2007


the nytimes travel section seems to be soliciting essays from enthusiastic 9th grade budding JOURNALISMISTS!

that is the only way i can explain this totally unnecessary and sort of confusing bit by Seth Kugel (yes that is really the byline) about how “cheesy” activities can in fact be “fun!”

gee whiz guys,

“You’ve got to head down to Lower Broadway, to the classic “Charging Bull” sculpture, where you’re almost certain to find a mob of tourists taking pictures. And, of course, there are always a couple of jokers who go around to the anatomically correct back end of the bull, and pose in every position you can imagine — and some you cannot.

So cheesy. But, come on, pretty funny, too.”

uh, no.

and then there’s this assertion, which i actually don’t even understand, about a recently shuttered peep-show establishment: “Playpen on Eighth Avenue, which added an extra dose of cheesy classlessness by keeping a few Beaux-Arts architectural details from its days as a theater high above the booths. Or so they say.”

why is it “classless” to retain Beaux-Arts architectural details of a building, even as you alter its use? am I missing something? is he insinuating that they were fake Beaux-Arts details? Or is it a dirty joke that has escaped even my actively filthy mind?


i can has cheezjrnlsm?

p.s. if one of my 3 readers is friends/cousins with Seth Kugel, I apologize for the harshness of my tone. but someone should talk to him.

Disgusting or Awesome? You Decide!

May 18, 2007


Because politics can no longer just be politics, but like everything else has to emulate reality TV, behold: the Food Stamp Challenge!

In this episode, my own congresswoman Jan Schakowsky learns what millions of poor people already know: you can’t really live on food stamps, and you certainly can’t eat nutritiously!

Ok, I kid, but I actually don’t think this is as silly and insidious as some others do. Yes, it somehow manages to make the issues of poverty, hunger and public benefits all about HER, but maybe it does require stunts like this to get people’s attention.

What do you think: disgusting or awesome?

p.s. I am actually a fan of Jan, despite (or because of?) the Pirro-esque shady past of her husband Robert Creamer. She always seems to vote the right way on lots of issues I care about.

p.s. i don’t care if you don’t watch this show or know what i’m talking about.

May 11, 2007


part of the conceit of the awesome, and awesomely predictable reality show Top Chef is that the winner uses his (or her, theoretically) $100,000 prize to open a new restaurant. then everyone wants to eat there, because the chef is already a celebrity. should work beautifully.

courtesy of gawker, we find out that hot, yet strangely boring Top Chef 1 winner Harold has finally opened his restaurant.

now, much as i love the stoic harold, i can’t really see eating at an expensive place like that, so i’m just waiting for the runners-up to open their restaurants. especially Mike… i’m sure it’ll be beer & wings all the way!

Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Knowing What the Hell is Going On

April 27, 2007


Being a brand new lawyer is rather terrifying! There is so much more to know than the law. There are all these procedural rules, not to mention the sort of “culture of practice” which creates all kinds of informal rules about how you do things. AAAGH!


And the lamest thing is my UTTER TERROR about speaking in the role of lawyer. I write myself little scripts for every conversation I am going to have with a client or an opposing counsel. My supervisor saw me doing this and I am worried that he now thinks I am a LOSER.


But you know what? Just typing this out has made me feel better, realizing that this won’t last forever, that I will get comfortable in this work (at least more so), and that while it might be unpleasant to be so nervous all the time now, practicing law won’t always feel like this. Hopefully. Thanks, Dear Diary!!


And thanks, E, for talking me down a little!

Also, per your suggestion, my recent lunch involved the following CONDIMENTS, SAUCES and ACCOUTREMENTS:

– hot sauce

– rainbow sprinkles

– walnuts and raisins

– white, sugary cake icing

– Mayonnaise


Oy, my stomach!

PIZZA + _____ = AWESOME!!!

March 30, 2007

I realized I haven’t really posted anything interesting about my San Francisco trip, so I will post this:

You know what they have there? INDIAN PIZZA!! It’s true! My wonderful friends took me to experience it myself!!


They have it at this place called Zante Pizza, and it is simply a pizza place/indian restaurant. And, uhm, putting indian ingredients and spices on pizza and throwing cheese on top turns out to be a really good idea. Which leaves me wondering… what else? What else would be good? Sushi pizza? No. Taco pizza? I think I actually have heard of such a thing. And come to think of it, I think this sushi place in Ann Arbor (totoro, on State Street) had something called sushi nachos on the menu, and it scared me. A lot. Did anyone out there ever dare to figure out what the hell that was?

Anyway, the point is, if you are ever in San Francisco, and in the Mission/Bernal Heights area, and you happen to want some awesomeness, go eat Indian Pizza. There. All taken care of.

Yo, I’m back and I’m thinking LUNCH

March 26, 2007

Either there’s been a malfunction, or someone has not been carrying her blogging weight around here. What gives? Did you get a job or something, Squashi?

So, my new job starts soon, and given the whole 9-5+commute thing, I am getting nervous about how many hours there are in the day. And about what I am going to EAT. So I need to get organized.


I am trying to decide between the Mr. Bento by Zojirushi (or one of its variations), and the cute Laptop Lunches lunchbox. Each of them has an enthusiastic internet posse. Exhibit A: Mr. Bento Porn . Exhibit B: Vegan Lunchcast.

I love these wacky people and their practice of photographing and describing their lunches for the world to see. They inspire me to eat prettier, healthier food. And they make me wonder, am I the sort of person who could get really into posting pictures of my food on the internet? Stay tuned…

(Almost) Vegan Dinners I Made

March 13, 2007

AKA look at me, I am turning into an awesome hippie:

1. Buffalo Wings Seitan:

* cut seitan into chunks the appropriate (chicken nuggety) size & brown on all sides in a pan with a little oil

*melt some butter and mix an equal amount of tabasco sauce into the butter. Add some salt.

*throw the sauce in with the seitan and cook for a minute or so with the sauce

* eat with some kind of yogurty/cheesy/ranchy type sauce

2. Tofu & Sweet Potato Curry

*chop some onions and cook in oil until translucent

*chop peeled sweet potato into 1/2 in pieces, add to the pan

*add some red or green thai curry paste (1 -2 teaspoons, maybe?)

*add most or all of 1 can of coconut milk, and some cubed tofu

*simmer for a while

*add any vegetables you like (I added frozen peas and  broccoli and at the last moment, some sweet grape tomatoes)

*serve over rice or rice noodles.

3. Barbeque Tofu Sandwich

*slice tofu into large slabs

*slather with BBQ sauce

*put on a pan with some slice onions & stick under broiler for 5-10 minutes, turning once.

*eat on a bun or in a tortilla with guacamole or cheese or anything else.

things i have recently consumed which were very good

March 5, 2007

1) corn pudding: 1 part coarse corn meal, 5 parts water (boil water, add corn meal slowly, stir for 10 minutes)– when soft like oatmeal, add: 1 part milk, a bit of butter, some brown sugar, a pinch of nutmeg, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. This is an excellent breakfast food- so much better than plain oatmeal.

2) red egg noodles: put 1/3 cup mixed currants and raisins in hot water to plump. Toast some walnuts and/or pepitas. Saute an onion, 2 cloves garlic, then add 1/2 bunch red swiss chard chopped up in strips until it wilts (add salt + pepper). Cook egg noodles, toss with a healthy wallop (6 tbls) of browned butter, then add chard/onion mixture, raisins, and nuts. This is especially good if you add a bit of curry powder and/or cinnamon in the butter as it is browning.

3) 30 Rock, generally
4) Grbavica.

Mmmm… oatwater.

March 1, 2007

I just took an aspirin because I got a headache from this stinkin’ ridiculous job. I am drinking water from a mug from which I just drank hot chocolate, and there is a ring of congealed chocolate powder paste around the top of the mug. But it doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t bother me in general to drink something from a cup I’ve just used for something else. Unless the 2 things are disgusting together, like wine and milk or like most things and milk, come to think of it.

But today, I happily drank water all afternoon from a mug that had clumpy little oatmeal bits attached to the sides, and it didn’t bother me at all.

Ok, perhaps I’m just incredibly lazy.