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Shopping for Justice: “I think I know I mean, er, yes but it’s all wrong” edition

June 21, 2007

So I saw this commercial on the TV for the new Farm Aid-esque Pop Stars Singing John Lennon Songs For Darfur. Sponsored, somehow, by American Express.

And my first, typical, cynical instinct was to be disgusted by this latest example of the American trend of commercializing humanitarianism — convincing people that if they’re concerned about a social/political issue, the thing to do is go out and BUY this bracelet/t-shirt/cd! (A portion of the proceeds, we’re always assured, will go toward ending breast cancer/saving the children/stopping evil in its tracks!!) I have thought about this a lot, and I am conflicted about it, because I’m as into a good benefit concert as the next guy, provided I like the bands. But I recognize the perversity in it, and in general, when I choose to take action with my wallet, I send my dollars straight to the organization I’m into helping. But if a person wouldn’t be otherwise inclined to do something about an issue, the only harm I see in the whole thing is the fact that some corporation, inevitably, is profiting from the whole transaction. But what else is new?

So I googled this “Instant Karma” project, and found Amnesty’s press release, which statesthat “proceeds” would support the Save Darfur campaign, and gave a track listing. Although it might be nice to hear that ALL proceeds were going to Save Darfur, and might be even nicer to hear that all of these artists were personally donating a couple of their millions to the campaign, and not just their sweet voices, the track listing made me kind of want to hear this record. I mean, Xtina Aguilera singing “Mother?” I heartily approve of that.

So I guess I am a hypocrite, is what I’m saying.

Better Know a Schakowsky

June 6, 2007

What’s up! Did you all see MY congresswoman on the Colbert Report the other night?

I don’t know how to stick videos in here (if you even can on WordPress), but you can find a link to it, plus reactions of some Chicagoans, here on Chicagoist.

I don’t know what I’m proudest of: her performance on Colbert’s show, Colbert’s repeated insistence that she was on drugs, or her partnership with my boy Kucinich in an effort to impeach evil warlord Cheney.

p.s. i don’t care if you don’t watch this show or know what i’m talking about.

May 11, 2007


part of the conceit of the awesome, and awesomely predictable reality show Top Chef is that the winner uses his (or her, theoretically) $100,000 prize to open a new restaurant. then everyone wants to eat there, because the chef is already a celebrity. should work beautifully.

courtesy of gawker, we find out that hot, yet strangely boring Top Chef 1 winner Harold has finally opened his restaurant.

now, much as i love the stoic harold, i can’t really see eating at an expensive place like that, so i’m just waiting for the runners-up to open their restaurants. especially Mike… i’m sure it’ll be beer & wings all the way!

Fickle postscript

April 9, 2007

Ok, sometimes Stacy is cute.  But the net effect of the show is evil.

Agh. Watching Double Indemnity last night was like eating  a crisp slice of honeydew. Now I feel like I just ate three boxes of lucky charms. And some cheese fries. With gravy.

Next, Delia comes face to face with her nemesis: ARGYLE.

April 9, 2007

Has anyone ever liveblogged What Not to Wear? Does it count as liveblogging if the show is a rerun?




Clinton says: This is the new way of doing argyle. Very deep, sexy V on the neck; this is crazy!!

And I love the hair guy who sounds just like Davy Jones (the Monkee, not the undersea guy with a locker.)

Ok dear readers, now we come to the ultimate question — Stacy London: Good or Evil? She drives me CRAZY. Somehow Clinton doesn’t bother me as much. He is sort of this innocuous Fred Schneider type guy who seems almost as afraid of Stacy as I am. But her, AGH!

I was told by one of my college friends that I am supposed to like her because she is a loud-mouthed Jewish girl. Ahem.

Poor Delia! Why should she have to wear Argyle? And why can’t I stop watching?

the other side of the fence

March 27, 2007

hey! i just found a great new phrase: “of fence”

as in, to quote a commenter on a reality tv message board (that’s right, got a problem with that?): “you cannot control how people act. if their behavior is of fence to you stop watching.”

i love it!

hear me now, reader(s?) of this blog:


My Second-Favorite reality Show. Or maybe my favorite. Or maybe Third-favorite.

March 9, 2007

A Village Voice columnist covers the wrap party for The (white) Rapper Show , and reminds me how much I miss that show already.


 What we always wondered about in my house while watching that show was why they couldn’t find 10 better white rappers to be contestants on the show.  I mean, $100,000?

A friend at work suggests that legitimate/good white rappers would have assumed that they’d be setting themselves up to get mocked and degraded, as it was a reality show, and took a pass. Too bad, because I actually think that the show treated the contestants with a surprising amount of dignity.

Also it was awesome.